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One to One Sessions

Miniscule cohort. Personalised Attention.

Our purpose with one-to-one sessions is to select a miniscule cohort of applicants (only 10 per grade), give them an individualised experience, and see them shine in college admissions.


Monika Ladia

A university gold medallist in chemical engineering, Mrs Ladia's 25 year career as a C-level marketing & international relations executive has required her to sift through resumes and nurturing talent for mid cap firms. Over the last five years, she has worked with close friends and family members, utilizing her work techniques to craft distinctive profiles for them. 

Image by Rob Curran


We identify & project your X-Factor

You need an ‘X Factor’: something so distinctive in your profile that it simply cannot be replicated. Working with us will allow you to correctly identify and powerfully project your USP to universities.

We build & connect activities

Our sessions are tailored to help you a build a story, performing and connecting seemingly unconnected extracurriculars to convey a compelling story to admissions officers.

We don't believe in generic lists

We aren’t mass manufacturing college applicants. You will tailored advice, personalised action plans, and curated resources to boost your chances of success and make you different.

We help you succeed academically

We develop a comprehensive roadmap for your academics, assisting you with notes, resources, exemplar submissions and recognized referrals to help you ace high school. 

Open for grades 8 to 12.

8th, 9th & 10th

Single sessions to help you with academics, plan extracurriculars and map out your future college journey. Mrs Ladia also assists in personality development.


Accelerate your profile development and use the next 12 months to craft a distinct journey for yourself.


6 months of hand-holding without any if's and but's. From reviewing your application to mapping your essays, we help you maximize your chances.

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