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Get Ivies Chasing You


Creating a Stellar Applicant for US Universities

4 Sessions / 6 Hours

Designed for all students entering 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th, this series imparts a comprehensive understanding of each and every component of the US college application process. If you want to build distinctive extracurriculars & write them powerfully in your college application, this series will guide you through it.

We also explore real and successful essays from my own application to get you started on writing stellar college essays. Our sessions cover other aspects like recommendations and portfolios too, with exhaustive Q&A sessions.

Session 1: Insider Info on How Universities Process Apps

Has anyone told you how your application really gets read & processed? Using 4+ years of research and talks with admissions officers, we break down the guarded process for you so that you can see if you’re on the right track.

Session wise

Session 2: Extracurriculars & COVID 19

The secret to great extracurriculars is knowing what works and what doesn’t. Join us as we teach you how to construct extracurricular verticals and build a continuous profile despite COVID 19.

Session 3: Essays Can Wreck Your App

A primer to planning your essays such that they make, not break your application. How to rediscover your past and plan ahead for the future. Case study of my own, successful essays with insights into thought process.

Session 4: Endorse, Don’t Recommend

Breaking the bubble of humility. Filling in recommendation forms that exuberate talent. Understanding and seeking external recommendations. Also gain an insight into Advanced Placement (AP) exams and how they can turbocharge your application if utilised correctly.

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