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Thoughtful Social Impact


Maximizing Community Service, Minimizing Extra Effort

3 Sessions / 5 Hours

Having an organic community service profile is must for US college admissions. Unfortunately, social service often looks artificially crafted for the sake of universities. Our purpose with this series is NOT to increase your work by prescribing additional community activities. Instead  we will extend your existing extracurriculars, converting them into super verticals that have double the impact

Learn how to leverage existing experiences and plan smartly for future endeavours to maximise impact and create stellar essays on the same. After each 1 hour session, we will conduct an exhaustive question & answer session

Session 1: Creating an Inspiring Social Impact Portfolio

Understanding why social service is not simply feeding the underprivileged or teaching at a government school. I will teach you how to build social service profiles that are impactful and show results.

Session wise

Session 2: Integrating School & CAS

CAS is an underestimated weapon for your college applications. Learn how you can integrate school-based activities into your social service profile to show commitment and continuity.

Session 3: Building Super Verticals

Understanding how you can link college apps with the rest of your extracurricular activities to make a cohesive social service profile that admission officers will find organic.

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