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Beating IB


Master Extended Essays, Internal Assessments & Theory of Knowledge

3 Sessions / 5 Hours

This course is specifically designed to help you cover three of the most feared aspects of IB: IAs, ToK and Extended Essays. With a full 24/24 in science IAs, 28/30 in ToK, and 34/34 in my Physics Extended Essay, I can share my tips and tricks that’ll cut time spent and boost your grade.

You will also have exclusive access to my Extended essay, IAs and ToK PPT submissions. After each 1 hour session, we will conduct an exhaustive question & answer session.

Session 1: Extended Essay Breakdown

Break down of all the components that make a great extended essay. Criteria by criteria overview, including choice of topic, methods of data collection and complex evaluation. Review of what I did & my process.

Session wise

Session 2: Internal Assessment (IA) Breakdown

Break down of  full scoring Science, Math and Humanities IAs. Criteria overview overview, including choice of topic, means of data collection and impactful presentation.

Session 3: Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Breakdown

An analysis of what ToK really demands, in both the essay and the presentation. I’ll teach you where to look for terms, topics and situations, saving many hours (if not days) of work.

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