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Live on Sat 21 Aug & Sun 22 Aug

Master six essay types

Read actual, winning essays from top universities

Frame winning extracurriculars

Led by Stanford grad


Write winning college application essays 

Our course consists of 2 online sessions of 1.5 hours each, where we cover a step-by-step approach to effectively write your Common App/UC/Canada activities and craft stellar essays for all your applications

You will have the opportunity to read real, accepted essays at Stanford, Caltech, UPenn, Berkeley and other top universities. We will also have Q&A rounds after each session.

  • Session 1: Increasing Your Score by 200 SAT/ 3 ACT Points
    Learn where SAT & ACT fit in to your college profile, which test to take and how to create a study plan that combines resources for both tests. Learn the winning preparation strategy to have an immediate boost in scores.
  • Session 2: Cracking SAT/ACT Math
    Find out a detailed breakup of the different skills and areas of knowledge tested in math. Learn 10 key skills WITH practice problems that will surely help you crack the math section. Master SAT Math I & II subject tests.
  • Session 3: Decoding Science in ACT & SAT Subject Tests
    Learn how to build ACT Science & SAT Science Subject Test skills. Learn 7 techniques that I mastered to score full points, as well as resources and reference material to use for practice.
  • Session 4: Demystefying English and Reading
    English and reading are the hardest sections in both SAT & ACT. Learn a total of 10 techniques that I developed myself, as well discover the apps and books I used to master english.
  • BONUS Resources: Papers, Books and Apps"
    Get access to: - 15 top SAT Papers - 20 top ACT Papers - List of specialised books for preparation - Free online apps & websites for practice - SAT Subject Test Guides
Session wise

Learn from a Stanford UG


Aman Ladia

Aman is an incoming Stanford freshman who was also accepted at CaltechBerkeley MET & Penn's Jerome Fisher M&T Program (<2% acceptance rate).

He also scored 1590/1600 in his SAT, 36/36 in ACT and 800/800 in the SAT Math, Physics and Chemistry subject tests. Aman is also a blockchain-IoT entrepreneur with multiple patents to his name.

Online Course Schedule

3 hours
Series duration
2 Sessions
Live & Interactive
Special Price
Sheets & Tools

In case of any clash in schedule, please let us know and we will send you an access link for the session which you can view any time at your convenience.

Session 1

Saturday, 21st Aug 

11:00AM to 12:30 PM

Session 2

Sunday, 22nd Aug

11:00AM to 12:30 PM

Course Preview

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