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The STEM Vertical Masterclass


From coding to robotics, unlock your STEM potential

4 Sessions / 6 Hours

College admissions officers look for diversity in your profile. This makes a STEM vertical a MUST regardless of whether you’re a STEM or Non-STEM student.

If you’re a STEM student, you know just how high the chance of failure is when you’re applying for computer science/engineering/math/physics etc. This series is an absolute must to build a unique, diverse and extensive STEM profile that’ll get you into top universities for the stream of your choice.

If you’re a Non-STEM student, regardless of whether you like economics, history or English, adding a STEM vertical can make your profile exceptionally unique & increase your hit rate tremendously.

Session 1: Mastering the STEM Vertical

Understanding why STEM competition is cut throat and how non-STEM students suffer from single-faced extracurriculars. How you can re-orient yourself to develop a winning STEM vertical.

Session wise

Session 2: Deep dive into Engineering & CS

Which language should you learn? Which courses should you take? How can you build apps, electronics products and robots from scratch? Discover a step-by-step process to build CS & Engineering prowess.

Session 3: Conducting Impactful Research

Learn how to find a topic for research, contact supervisors and take your research up at a professional level. Get exposed to AutoCad, Fusion 360 and 3D printing. Also find which summer camps and insitutes you can work with for your research endeavours

Session 4: Converting Experiences to Accolades

Get introduced to research fairs like IRIS & ISEF, coding challenges like ZCO & IOI, open source cataloguing with GitHub and how you can powerfully write your experiences in college applications.

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