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Our College Results

Our students shine with exceptionally high acceptance rates at top tier schools.

Be it Brown, Columbia or Yale, Our Students Shine in the US Early Application Cycle.

Despite acceptance rates falling to an all-time low due to a large number of gap-year students from 2020/21, we are proud to inform you that our 2021-22 results have been the best till date. Please find an overview of our placements, till date, below.


Our other acceptances inthe US are as below:

Be it Brown, Columbia or Yale, Our Students Shine in their Applications.

Despite acceptance rates falling to an all-time low due to a large number of gap-year students from 2021/22, we are proud to inform you that our 2022-23 results have been the best till date. Please find an overview of our placements, till date, below.

From our 2022-23 cohort of 52 students:

  • 2 students admitted to Stanford, in Computer Science and Bioengineering.

  • 2 students admitted to UPenn, in Computer Science & Design.

  • 4 students admitted to Brown, in Psychology, Engineering and English Literature.

  • 4 students admitted to UChicago, in Economics, Applied Physics and History.

  • 2 student admitted to Yale in Intl Relations and Politics.

  • 6 students admitted to UC Berkeley in Mathematics, Engineering and Design

  • 4 students admitted to Johns Hopkins for Pre-med and Bioengineering.

  • 2 student admtted in Princeton for Engineering & History.

  • One of our students has been accepted at UPenn's prestigious VIPER program, open to < 20 students each year.

  • Another student has been accepted at Berkeley's MET program (CS + Business), open to < 30 students each year.


Our other acceptances in the US are as below:

Our Canadian acceptances include:

Our UK acceptances include:

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The reason for our success is our small cohort - we accept only twenty new students per grade to join our exclusive one-to-one mentorship program. If you are interested in joining, do enquire using the button below - our team will get in touch with you within 48 hours.

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With a 10x Higher Ivy League Acceptance Rate, Our 2021-22 Cohort Secured Top Placements.

Out of our 2021-22 cohort, 6 received admission offers at Ivy League Universities including Penn, Brown, Columbia and Cornell. Our students received 18 admissions offers from the top 15 global universities (this includes the likes of Stanford), with each individual student receiving an average of 7 admission offers.

$3,000,000 in scholarships for our students.

Students received 7 offers each, giving them choice.

52% received admissions at the top 15 global universities.

Untitled design (2).png

From Cambridge to Toronto, Our Students Excel Around The Globe.

Over the last five years, 60% of our UK applicants made it to Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL or King's - five of the UK's finest institutes. With fields of study ranging from computer science to law and medicine, our students have proved themselves across disciplines.

A majority of our cohort also applies to Canadian universities, receiving admissions at UToronto, UBC and Waterloo, amongst others. Each year, a number of our Canadian applicants also apply for merit-based scholarships and bursaries, helping fund their education.

Our Past Admissions

United States

  • Stanford University

  • Cornell University

  • UPenn

  • Columbia University

  • Princeton University

  • UC Berkeley

  • UCLA

  • Duke University

  • Pomona

  • Boston University


and many more...


  • UToronto

  • UBC

  • Waterloo

  • McMaster University

  • McGill University

  • University of Alberta

  • Carleton University

  • University of Calgary

  • Simon Fraser University

  • University of Victoria


and many more...

United Kingdom

  • University of Cambridge

  • University of Oxford

  • UCL

  • Imperial College

  • University of Manchester

  • King's College London

  • London School of Economics

  • University of Warwick

  • Durham University

  • University of Leeds


and many more...

A Few Student Profiles


ICSE/IB - Pune

Medicine, Cambridge

View Profile

Sanjana joined us with interests in human biology and technology. However, without any internships in medicine and no practical exposure, her parents were worried whether she had any real chance at top universities. Mrs Ladia worked with Sanjana to build an alternate academic profile in biology & medicine, building off research & tech social impact to create a truly impressive resume.


IGCSE/A-Levels - Indore

English, McGill University

View Profile

Shrishti's target was to get accepted at a top university for english literature. Her profile, however, was disjoint with a number of activities spread across poetry, dance and art. Mrs Ladia found a niche for her in post-colonial literature, which Shrishti explored through both academic analysis and interactions with underprivileged children.


CBSE - Delhi

Mech Eng, McMaster

View Profile

An amateur web developer, photographer and agriculturist, Madhav's dream was to study mechanical engineering in Canada. Through a supplement of courses, a web-app project surrounding seed monitoring and a technical essay on photography CMOS sensors, Mrs Ladia helped Madhav push up his profile. Training him for interviews and personal statements, Madhav proved to be a top knotch candidate for top universities.


ICSE/ISC - New Delhi

Mech. Engineering, Cornell

View Profile

A keen Tennis player with a strong interest in coding, Arav joined us with a multitude of interests but with no direction on how to proceed. Through our personalized mentorship program, we developed Arav as a social entrepreneur utilizing his sporting calibre to maximize STEM engagement amongst tribal students. Simultaneously, we worked on demonstrating his academic prowess in material engineering, leading to a hyper-specialisation in foldable structures.


ICSE/IB - Mumbai

Mixed Streams, Brown

View Profile

A runner and theater artist, Shweta's strengths lay in her experiences. She joined us as an anxious student, worried that her lack of national awards would hold her applications back. Despite having no SAT score to submit, we worked with Shweta to weave a compelling personal narrative showcasing her academic focus and extracurricular resilience across a range of activities. Shweta's acceptance at Brown (an Ivy League university) is a clear example of our brand-building approaching yielding results.


IB - Mumbai

Env. Engineering, Stanford

View Profile

Adya joined our mentorship program as a budding envrionmental scientist, with additional interests in art and culture. Our work with her revolved around connecting these interests through an uncommon intersection: a project on revamping a local police wasteland to a bustling ecological and cultural center. Mrs Ladia worked extensively with Adya to ensure that she doesn't fall into the stereotypical 'environmental preservationist' category; instead, her applications reflected an intellectually grounded scientist with a go-getter attitude.


CBSE - Goa

Law - Manchester

View Profile

A strong debater & leader, Law was Pranay's natural interest. However, his profile suffered the risk of blending in with other similar students. To make him stand out, Mrs Ladia merged his secondary photography interest with copyright law. Over the course of a few months, Pranay could project himself as a budding lawyer keen in intellectual property regulations, getting him accepted at top law schools.


IB - Mumbai/Kodaikanal

Architecture, UToronto

View Profile

A keen trekking enthusiast, painter and architect, Vihaan showed early signs of a strong architecture & design candidate. However, Mrs Ladia spent most of her engagements with him connecting disjoint activities, polishing his portfolio and getting his application in order. This proved particularly challenging as Vihaan had diversified activites & application space is extremely limited. However, the end product was spectacular, bagging Vihaan multiple admissions across US, Canada & UK.


CBSE/ISC - Kolkata

Business, UBC Sauder

View Profile

Looking to study business and economics, Aryaman joined us with a sub-40% result in 11th grade mathematics. Despite math being an integral requirement for and business programs, Mrs Ladia worked with him to extensively develop a business profile centred around his engagement with a beverage distributor. We interlinked this with a beach plastic cleanup campaign and polymer research report, creating an outstanding profile that got Aryaman into Canada's best business school despite poorer grades than his peers.


IGCSE/IB - Mumbai

Mech. Engineering, CMU

View Profile

Siddharh's strongest passion has been origami, the art of paper folding. Through our mentorship program, Mrs Ladia connected Siddharth's origami passion with mechanical engineering through the study of active materials, foldable structures, and application of origami as a testing platform for mechanical designs. She also linked his interest to a number of motor-skill social endeavours, leading to a very unique profile.


Get Mentored from Experts


Monika Ladia

Monika is a C-Level Marketing Executive with over over 25 years of industrial experience in marketing and has mentored 150+ students for admission in top universities. 

Mrs Ladia is a a chemical engineer by qualification. From being the university gold-medalist to a stalwart manager, she has the skills to mould individual talents and aspirations into a powerful pairing. 


Aman Ladia

Aman is a Stanford grad who was also accepted at CaltechBerkeley MET & Penn's Jerome Fisher M&T Program (<2% acceptance rate).

He also scored 1590/1600 in his SAT, 36/36 in ACT and 800/800 in the SAT Math, Physics and Chemistry subject tests. Aman is also a blockchain-IoT entrepreneur with multiple patents to his name.

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