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Ace Canadian Applications: Q&A with Waterloo Admit

Q&A with someone who made it. Free templates & resources sent to all attendees.

Beating all odds.

How did our candidate get accepted at all of the top 3 universities in Canada? What did he do to receive over INR 30 lakhs in scholarships? Join us as we interview him for all these answers.

Learn how he build a profile within 1 year that led to him being one of only 120 students accepted at Waterloo's prestigious software engineering program. Get advice on your own resume, and see his real application for inspiration.

Saturday 22nd July
12:30 - 1:00 PM IST
Sunday 23rd July
12:30 - 1:00 PM IST

Q&A With an Expert

Admitted at UBC Toronto & Waterloo

5 strategies to double your chances

Get personalized college advice

Learn how our admit got scholarships of $40,000 (30 lakh)

Early guidance for grades 9 & 10


Led by an Expert Team


Monika Ladia

Monika is a C-Level Marketing Executive with over over 25 years of industrial experience in marketing and has mentored 150+ students for admission in top universities. 

Mrs Ladia is a a chemical engineer by qualification. From being the university gold-medalist to a stalwart manager, she has the skills to mould individual talents and aspirations into a powerful pairing. 


Aman Ladia

Aman is a Stanford grad who was also accepted at CaltechBerkeley MET & Penn's Jerome Fisher M&T Program (<2% acceptance rate).

He also scored 1590/1600 in his SAT, 36/36 in ACT and 800/800 in the SAT Math, Physics and Chemistry subject tests. Aman is also a blockchain-IoT entrepreneur with multiple patents to his name.

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