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Need Academic Assistance?

We've got you covered.

At Ivies Chase You, we have an exclusive network of global educators who have decades of experience teaching in their respective fields.

Work with certified, experienced educators globally.
Assistance in Every Subject

We have partnered with tutors holding Masters/PhD degrees with decades of experience teaching students in the IB Diploma Programme, IGCSE, A Levels and ICSE/ISC. Our educators offer both personalized tutoring over video call, as well as offline feedback on your IB (IAs, EE, ToK) and IGCSE (courseworks) submissions. A snapshot into some of the subjects we offer assistance with: 

  1. English 

  2. The Sciences (Physics/Chem/Bio)

  3. Mathematics (including assistance with AMC/AIME & Euclid)

  4. Humanities (History/Geography/Global Perspectives/Economics)

  5. Foreign Languages

Meet Some of Our Tutors
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Our english tutors include an Oxford graduate & post doctoral scholar with 20+ years of teaching experience Having gone through the IGCSE & IB themselves, they have helped numerous students with examinations & assignments.


Our science tutors hold Master's/PhD degrees with 25+ years of teaching experience with IGCSE & IB Physics, Chem Biology. Board examiners themse;ves, they have a track record of producing world toppers.


Our mathematics tutor has over 18 years of experience teaching high school mathematics to students in India & Singapore. An expert in IGCSE, AQA, IB and A Levels, he has helped students build a strong calculus foundation.


Our tutors for history, geography and global perspectives have taught in leading IB schools in India & abroad. They now supervise the humanities departments and have served as examiners for IGCSE and IB papers. 

Our Process
You inform us of your need

Students must fill up a form provided by us where they indicate the subject in which they need assistance, whether they need regular classes or feedback on an assignment etc.

We inquire with our educators

On the basis of the information you provide, we work with our educators to draft a schedule, work plan as well as the cost of your engagement with us.

We schedule an introduction

It's important for both the student and the tutor to be comfortable with each other. Once our educator approves of your plan, we will schedule a short introductory call between you & our educator.

Assistance begins

Once the student, parents and tutor are comfortable with each other and agree on the terms of engagement, the assistance begins. Both the educator & student are protected by Ivies Chase You.

Meeting Room


Please use the buttons below to contact us and inform us of your tutor requirement. We will get back to you soon. 

Our Process
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