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Cracking the SAT/ACT


Boost your scores by a 100 SAT / 2 ACT points

4 Sessions / 6 Hours

One sure shot criterion colleges use in determining your eligibility to be part of their student body is your SAT/ACT score. People may say that all it takes is practice to get anything close to a 1600/1600 on the SAT or 36/36 on the ACT. But truthfully, it takes much more than that.

From someone who scored a 1590/1600 in his SAT, 36/36 in ACT and 800/800 in the SAT Math, Physics and Chemistry subject tests, learn my techniques, and receive over 30 practice papers that made a difference for me. After each 1 hour session, we will conduct an exhaustive question & answer session.

Session 1: Increasing Your SAT Score by 100 Points

Learn where SAT & ACT fit in to your college profile, which test to take and how to create a study plan that combines resources for both tests. Learn my preparation strategy to have an immediate boost in scores.

Session wise

Session 2: Preparing for SAT/ACT Math

Find out a detailed breakup of the different skills and areas of knowledge tested in math. Learn 6 key skills WITH practice problems that helped me crack the math section. Master SAT Math I & II subject tests.

Session 3: Decoding Science

Learn how to build ACT Science & SAT Science Subject Test skills. Learn 7 techniques that I mastered to score full points, as well as resources and reference material to use for practice.

Session 4: Demystefying English and Reading

English and reading are the hardest sections in both SAT & ACT. Learn a total of 10 techniques that I developed myself, as well discover the apps and books I used to master english.

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