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Decoding the 4 Tiers of College Extracurriculars

Are you aiming for college admissions success? Ivies Chase You knows that the right extracurricular activities can make all the difference.

Let's dive into the four tiers of extracurriculars to help you make the best choices.

Tier 1

These activities are truly exceptional and rare. Whether you excel in sports, win national awards, or lead impactful volunteer projects, Tier 1 activities showcase your dedication and leadership. For instance, being a highly recruited basketball player or receiving a Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award falls under this tier. Even creating a self-started fundraiser that raises substantial funds for a cause can be considered Tier 1.

Tier 2

Still impressive but slightly more common, Tier 2 activities include leadership roles in respected clubs, success in regional competitions, and recognition in self-driven projects. Holding a leadership position in the Model UN, winning a regional competition, or being a finalist in prestigious national competitions like the National Youth Poet Laureate competition are examples of Tier 2 activities.

Tier 3

Tier 3 activities demonstrate your commitment and participation, even though they may not have the same level of distinction. This tier includes minor leadership roles in clubs, participation in selective regional programs, and small-scale self-driven projects. Even mentoring a younger student or assisting an elderly neighbor can be categorized as Tier 3 activities.

Tier 4

These are the most common activities that admissions officers see. While they may not have the same impact as higher tiers, general club membership, participation in sports, and regular volunteer work help colleges see your well-rounded character. Being a member of the track team, learning an instrument outside of school, or consistent volunteering at local organizations all fall into Tier 4.

How Do Extracurriculars Impact Your Chances of Acceptance?

Unsure which tier your activities fall into and how they affect your college admission odds? We can provide answers. Our experienced mentors will assess your application's compatibility with 1,600+ colleges, taking into account the impact of higher-tiered extracurriculars.

Enhance your college admissions profile now! Explore Ivies Chase You and increase your chances of acceptance. Get started today! With the right extracurricular strategy, you can reach your dream college.

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