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Duke University: Class of 2028 Early Decisions

Updated: 1 day ago

A Closer Look at Duke's Newest Blue Devils with Ivies Chase You

Duke University's announcement for the Class of 2028 Early Decision (ED) admissions has taken the academic world by storm. With 806 out of 6,240 applicants accepted, the 12.92% acceptance rate is the lowest in Duke's history, highlighting an increasingly competitive landscape. This year's ED pool was not only the largest ever but also marked a significant leap from previous years.

The Class of 2028

Duke's ED admits for the Class of 2028 showcase a commitment to diversity and academic excellence. Highlights include a significant representation from the Carolinas, a near doubling of QuestBridge National College Match program students, and a notable percentage of international students and first-generation college students. Additionally, 35% of admitted students did not submit test scores, reflecting Duke's inclusive approach to admissions.

As Duke looks to the future, the Class of 2028 embodies the university's dedication to fostering a diverse, talented, and dynamic student body, ready to contribute to its vibrant community and uphold its standards of excellence.

Congratulations to all the early birds who've secured their nest at Duke! As the Class of 2028 prepares to embark on this exciting journey, we at Ivies Chase You are here to guide and support you through every step of your academic and career aspirations.

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