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Crack IB Extended Essays, IAs & ToK

Learn from an IB 45/45 scorer. Free IB resources sent to all attendees.









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Work smart, not hard.

Are you in the IB Diploma program and struggling with how to approach your Extended Essay, IAs & ToK?

Learn the strategies of a perfect IB scorer to get an early advantage on IB. Master his techniques, and score full points in these components within 1 week. Students in grade 9 & 10 get an early exposure and headstart on IB.

Exclusive strategies

Learn 20 exclusive strategies

See real examples of top scoring EEs, IAs & ToK Essays

Get FREE IB resources

Complete EE & IAs in just 1 week

Early exposure for grades 9 & 10

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Attend either of our two sessions:

1) Friday, 5th July

    7:00 - 7:45 PM IST

2) Saturday, 6th July

    7:00 - 7:45 PM IST

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Learn from the best

Aman Ladia

Aman is an incoming Stanford freshman who scored 45/45 IB Points, and received full scores in his Extended Essay, Internal Assessments (IAs) and ToK Essay.

He was also accepted at Caltech, Berkeley MET & Penn's Jerome Fisher M&T Program (<2% acceptance rate). Aman is also a blockchain-IoT entrepreneur with multiple patents to his name.

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