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Master Social Impact & Boost Your College Profile

Learn from a Stanford grad. Get a head start on social service.

35% discount! Limited Availability.

Session 1: This Sun, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Session 2: This Mon, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Session 3: This Tue, 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Maximize your impact.

Learn how to leverage existing experiences and plan smartly for future endeavours to maximise impact while minimizing extra effort. Taught by a real Stanford grad, get a headstart on creating effective social impact that is sure to impress admissions officers.

₹8,000-   ₹5,000   -35% OFF

Exclusive strategies

Taught by a Stanford student

See real social impact projects and how students executed them

Learn what top universities expect

Build a unique social impact profile by repurposing existing work

Early exposure for grades 9 & 10

Ivies Chase You opened my eyes to what social service really is. Aman’s tips helped me develop a unique service profile rapidly."

- Puneet, Grade 11 - Bangalore


Session 1: Creating an Inspiring Social Impact Portfolio

Understanding why social service is not simply feeding the underprivileged or teaching at a government school. We will teach you how to build social service profiles that are impactful and show results.

Session 2: Integrating School into Social Impact

School activities are underrated weapons for your college applications. Learn how you can integrate school-based activities into your social service profile to show commitment and continuity.

Session 3: Building Super Verticals

Understanding how you can link college apps with the rest of your extracurricular activities to make a cohesive social service profile that admission officers will find organic. See how Aman presented his social service through essays and receive roadmaps for all grades (9-12).

Learn from the best

Aman Ladia

Aman is a Stanford student who was also accepted at Caltech, Berkeley MET & UPenn's Jerome Fisher M&T Program (<2% acceptance rate). 

He also received a full 36/36 in his ACT, 1590/1600 in SAT and was awarded scholarships from multiple universities. He is a Blockchain-IoT entrepreneur with multiple patents to his name.

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