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Motivating Your High School Senior: Tips for Successful College Applications

Is your high school senior procrastinating on their college applications? It's a common struggle for many parents. At Ivies Chase You, we understand the importance of motivating your teenager during this critical time.

Let's explore some effective strategies to inspire them to dive into the application process with enthusiasm.

Scene 1:

Break It Down Start small: Encourage your teen to tackle one application at a time. Breaking the process into manageable pieces is the key to success.

Scene 2:

Real-Life Comparisons: Draw relatable parallels. Compare college applications to credit card debt or binge-watching Netflix. Highlight that it's all fun until the bill arrives or it's midnight before a workday.

Scene 3:

Celebrate Progress: Celebrate every little victory. Did they find the application website? That's worth celebrating! Reward their efforts with their favorite meal or a bit more freedom on the weekend. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.

Scene 4:

The Countdown: As the deadline looms, create urgency. Compare it to the last days to buy tickets for a big event; missing it means no excuses. Emphasize the importance of meeting the application deadline.

At Ivies Chase You, we know that motivating your high school senior is all about striking a balance between gentle encouragement and humor. These moments of procrastination will soon become amusing anecdotes to share. So, stay calm, wear a smile, and remember, they will complete those applications eventually!

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