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Five Degrees for Aspiring Video Game Designers

The top five recommended routes for anyone who aspires to join the video game industry.

Being a video game designer requires you to demonstrate a wide variety of skills in different areas, be it being adept in programming (so that the game is playable) or having the necessary creative means to develop a world and build on a concept in which consumers can immerse themselves. Just the idea of becoming a video game designer often fills students’ minds with countless possibilities; while on the one hand they can unleash their imagination and turn it into reality, on the other it provides attractive remuneration. With a plethora of such benefits, it is of no surprise that the video game industry has become highly competitive. This post is here as a guide to help you choose a suitable gaming degree that can help you stand out amongst peers and secure a spot in the industry.

Video Game Design vs. Video Game Development

Many students often use the terms "video game design" and "video game development" interchangeably, whereas these two terms refer to completely different things. For starters, video game design is more related to creative and artistic elements of the video game creating process. On the other hand, video game development is primarily concerned with the technical aspect when creating a video game.

Think about it this way, video game designers are like architects – they’re focused on envisioning and designing the product. Video game developers, on the other hand, are like engineers – people who are responsible for constructing and developing the product.

Degrees for Video Game Design

There are all sorts of gaming degrees that can act as a ticket for you to enter the industry. Below is a list of degrees that are frequently pursued by top video game designers.

1) Game Design

This is the most obvious choice for anyone who intends to become a video game designer. In a game design degree, you will be exposed to a curriculum that prepares you with an extensive range of skills that you can apply as a video game designer. These include:

  • Design Theory

  • Programming languages (C++, Java, HTML5, CSS3 and more)

  • Graphic Design

  • Storyline Development

Upon completion of this degree, you will attain skillsets which are invaluable as a video game designer.

2) Software Engineering

This degree is suitable for any student who excels in STEM as its curriculum involves subjects such as calculus, physics, chemistry, and general mathematics. Students in this degree will also take classes to learn further about programming languages, computer architecture, and operating systems.

After completing this course, you will be equipped with a variety of technical skills, enabling you to stand out as a game designer who can readily implement a video game concept across various platforms, whether it's online, web-based, or even on mobile.

3) Graphic Design

This degree teaches its students how to create visual information and content. From developing video game characters to storyboarding the game, and drawing posters or other related promotional materials, graphic designers are often vital assets for game development companies.

4) Digital Arts

This degree is a hybrid of technological skills and creative arts, where students are taught how to create their illustrations or artwork using software such as Adobe Creative Suite or Final Cut Pro.

Digital arts students are often needed by video game designing companies because of their thorough understanding of artistic elements and excellent command over different visual software.

5) Animation

Students in animation degrees are prepped and taught different animation techniques, whether analog or digital. One can also expect to learn how to effectively weave a storyline using animation, take a rough concept and develop it into visually stunning animated videos, and even translate imaginary objects into 3D models!

An animation degree is extremely useful to enter the gaming industry, as creating animations is an integral and irreplaceable part of the game design process.

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