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Get Connected to High School Internships

Join a professional network to assist you with global high school internships.

Internships at a high school level are difficult to find but add immense value to a student's profile. When coupled with a great recommendation from a supervising executive, they serve as the perfect way to convey a blend of leadership, initiative and effort to university admissions officers. Even beyond their value on a résumé, they build hands-on skills that simply cannot be developed through courses and books.

A Platform to Find Internships

The Intern Group is an international firm that specializes in connecting students of all ages to companies looking for interns across the globe. While they typically offer on-site internships, they have now shifted to an online centric model.

What's most interesting about the platform is that it offers personalized opportunities tailored to your career goals. Be it Art & Photography or PR & Marketing, their application process takes your interests into account when linking you to firms for internships.

The Process

  1. Fill out an online application form available here.

  2. Schedule an interview with their admissions officers. This enables them to ensure high quality opportunities for high performing students.

  3. If accepted, you will be connected to a partner organization for your internship.

Program Duration & Details

Placements offered by the organization range from 4 weeks to 6 months. Flexibility on full-time and part-time positions is available. Internships are rolled out throughout the year, but it is recommended you apply three months prior to your intended internship start date.

Learn More

Further details along with the application process are available here.

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