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Don't Make This Mistake With Your College List

Step into the world of college admissions, where overshooting can be your biggest opponent. At Ivies Chase You, we're here to coach you on creating the perfect college list strategy.

What is Overshooting?

What is overshooting? It's when students aim for colleges that are way beyond their reach. It's having too many "reach" schools on your list and not enough "target" and "likely" options.

The Problem with Overshooting

College admissions have evolved, and it's no longer enough to simply dream of getting into an "out of reach" college. You need to be objectively competitive in terms of your curriculum, GPA, and test scores (if reported) just to be considered by selective colleges.

How to Avoid Overshooting

So, how do you avoid overshooting? Just like a basketball player knows their strengths and limits, you should be honest with yourself. Most colleges are more forgiving than you might think, so choose schools that align with your academic profile.

Building Your College List

We recommend nine to twelve. Applying to too many can be overwhelming, while too few may limit your options. Make sure your list includes a mix of reach, target, and likely colleges based on your unique strengths and preferences.

Improving Your Admissions Outcomes

If you're a recruited athlete or an underrepresented student, you might have more flexibility. Consider Early Decision for a reach school that's still within reach for you. Apply to Early Action and Rolling Admissions programs to get early results and adjust your list if needed for Regular Decision.

Ready to ace your college admissions journey? Join Ivies Chase You and let us help you build a winning strategy. Don't miss out on your dream college – start now!

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