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Upcoming Contests for Budding Entrepreneurs

Show Universities Your Business & Econ Skills with These Prestigious Contests

Competition 1: Tradeo - A Stock Trading Simulation

Category: Stock Trading Simulation Date: 19th July – 3rd August Entry Fee: Free Registration:

This is a stock-trading competition hosted by the Jagdish Sheth School of Management, and is to be held between 19th July and 3rd August. The first part of the competition involves a bout where the contestants will take part in a stock-trading simulation. Contestants will be provided with a special link/code to access the simulation and trade stocks in order to create a portfolio. The duration of this segment will be two weeks long.

In the second part of the competition, the top ten stock portfolios selected by financial experts will be invited to present their strategies to a panel of judges. After the presentation, a total of three best strategies will be selected and announced as the winners. This competition is free to register and is only open for individual contestants.

Competition 2: Whizz – Kid: An Entrepreneurial Fastrack Event

Category: Product Development Date: 9th & 13th July Entry Fee: ₹300 Registration:

This competition involves entrepreneurship and seeks to empower young entrepreneurs such as yourself to further elevate your idea or concept to the next level with the guidance from experts and professionals. This competition is to be held between 9th & 13th July over an online platform.

There are a total of four stages in this competition. The first stage involves the contestants developing an MVP (Minimal Viable Product, the second requires them to search for an existing business model to support their product and the third calls for the analysis of relevant customer behaviours. Finally, in the last stage, contestants will pitch their product and findings to a panel of judges and potential investors. If a contestant’s pitch is successful, they may receive funding for their project

This competition requires a registration fee of ₹300 and contestants may enter either individually or in groups with a maximum of three members.

Competition 3: Global Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge:

Category: Entrepreneurship Date: 28th May 2022 Entry Fee: TBD Registration:

This competition, similar to Whizz, also encourages young entrepreneurs to share their ideas or concepts and to help students to develop their existing skillset as an entrepreneur. This competition is held on 28th May, 2022 and will be conducted virtually.

The competition essentially involves the pitching of a business idea or concept to judges who will assess it based on how innovative and sustainable it is. Thus, an ideal candidate should possess skills related to technology, science, communications and marketing. After all the contestants have pitched their ideas, one winner will be selected for an award, whilst the remaining contestants will receive a participation certificate.

This competition is open to high school students aged 14-19 and contestants must register as a group consisting of a maximum of eight members. This competition is free to register.

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