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Upcoming Contests for Engineering/Tech Students

Showcase your engineering and technological skills in these top competitions!

There is no doubt that technology and digitalization have become an integral part of our lives today. With the tech sector opening a variety of high paying employment opportunities, it is no surprise that computer science has become the most sought after field of study in universities across the globe.

If you are looking to apply for a CS degree or an associated field, do take part in the following competitions to exhibit your technical superiority over your peers. If not, winning one of these contests could demonstrate your logical and analytical skills to admissions officers, attributes that are relevant no matter what your field of study is.

Competition 1: Abdul Kalam International Innovation Conclave

Category: Technology and Science

Date: 5th August 2021

Entry Fee: Free


This competition is organized by Chandigarh University and it is primarily focused on developing technological innovations. The first part of the contest involves submission of ideas by participants and an evaluation conducted by the panel of judges. Following that, selected ideas will receive mentoring from industrial professionals and experts. In the final round, remaining participants will showcase a presentation of their ideas after receiving mentorship and two winners will be announced at the end. These two winners will consist of one participant from India and one international student. Each first-place participant will receive $1300, while second-place will be awarded $650 and third-place $300.

Competition 2: Creating an Ecosystem for AI Application in Civil Engineering

Category: Engineering and Technology

Date: 31st July 2021

Entry Fee: Free


This competition targets students who are interested in civil engineering and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The organizer of this competition looks forward to creating a platform where students from all around the world can easily access and learn about the application of civil engineering in AI-related fields. It requires participants to visit their website and to write a one page brief that details what features/contents should be included for the organizer to achieve their objective. The winners will be selected based on how relevant, scalable and impactful their suggestions are. First place will be awarded ₹1000, second place will receive ₹500 and third place will take home ₹300.

Competition 3: BioGENEius Challenges

Category: Technology and Science

Date: T.B.D.

Entry Fee: Free

This competition is aimed specifically at high-school students who are interested in scientific and technological innovations. Ranging from crop-harvesting optimization to discovering new artificial algae to easing water pollution, as long as your idea is science/technology-related, this competition is for you! Students will be required to label their innovations or ideas under either of the following three categories: Healthcare, Sustainability or Environment.

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